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15 Fun Adventures YOU'll LOVE Near Zion National Park (2023)

Located in Southern Utah near the town of Springdale is Zion National Park. Zion is two-hundred twenty nine square miles. Within the park is Zion Canyon, which is fifteen miles long and about two-thousand six hundred forty feet deep. In the park you will find numerous plant and animal species. There’s seventy-five mammal species, which includes nineteen species of bats; thirty-two species of reptiles; two-hundred eighty nine species of birds, and over 1,000 species of plants. If this doesn’t sound interesting enough, the canyon’s majestic walls are tan and reddish in color, and are made of Navajo sandstone that has been eroded by the North Fork of the Virgin River.

There are a range of thrilling excursions to do in Zion. You will delight in so many grand outdoor activities you could never get bored in this area. Enjoy epic tours individuals, couples or the entire family will love exploring and making memories to last a lifetime. If you are looking to relax, seeking adventure or somewhere in between, you’ll find calming to adrenaline pumping things to do for everyone. Plan your activities before arriving in Zion, to ensure you have the perfect schedule and amount of time you need to explore. This is your 2023 guide of things to do near Zion National Park.


Cave Lakes Canyon Horse Trail Riding

2023 Horseback Riding Tour

Saddle up for a relaxing horseback ride tour in Kanab through the exclusive and breathtaking Cave Lakes Canyon. If you like horses, have ridden before, or want to ride a horse for the first time, Cave Lakes Canyon Horse Trail Ride Tour is the perfect activity. Your experienced guide will lead you on a 1 and half hour tour through green pastures to the surroundings of 100 foot redstone walls on either side of you. You will travel through hidden lakes and lush meadows which brings a peaceful trail riding experience.

Duration: 1.5 Hour

Group Sizes: 10

Ages: 8 and up

Weight limit: 220 lbs

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Via Ferrata and Rappeling

Via Ferrata Tour in Utah

Via Ferrata which means "Iron Path" is quite simply put, a thrilling metal course scaling straight up a sheer canyon wall. With safety as first priority, you are securely harnessed and locked in as you ascend this guided climb.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Group Sizes: 1-5 people per guide

Ages: 8 and up

Difficulty: Moderate / Hard

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Luxury Glamping at Cave Lakes Canyon

Tucked away in Utah's desert somewhere between nature and serenity, your Kanab luxury resort for glamping tents, relaxation and adventure awaits. Nestled between 5 national parks, you'll find your center both literally and figuratively; with so much to see and do and yet no good reason to ever leave.

All the comforts of home wrapped in a canvas glamping tent and set on a hillside overlooking naturally fed spring water ponds. These secluded glamp tents include your own private outdoor area complete with natural gas fire pits made from the boulders that surround you.

Glamping Tents Accommodates: 2, 4 and 6 persons

Group Size: Contact Cave Lakes for large groups

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Peek A Boo Slot Canyon ATV Tour

Peek A Boo Slot Canyon ATV Tour 2023

Take an adrenaline pumping ATV adventure ride through sand dunes to one of the most beautiful and legendary slot canyons in the area! Wind your way on foot where expert guides will take you on a breathtaking hike to explore ancient sandstone walls over 100ft high!

Distance: 3.5 mile loop. 8.5 miles round trip

Elevation: trailhead 4,960 feet - 4600 feet low point

Total elevation: 880 feet

Best seasons: Year round

Tour type: Guided ATV

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East Zion Fly Fishing Escape

Zion Fly Fishing Tour 2023

Upon arrival you'll be fitted with everything you will need to be successful on the river including a fly rod, flies, and waders. Expert guides will also discuss strategy, technique and tips to make sure you have every chance of catching the big one!

Duration: 4-5 Hours

Group Sizes: Up to 4

Ages: 8 and up

Skill level: None required

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Weeping Cave Cold Plunge Experience

2023 Weeping Cave Cold Plunge Experience

Take a Cold Plunge in Weeping Cave to detoxify, rejuvenate, stimulate your mood and experience better workout recovery.

Group Sizes: Contact for large groups

Ages: 18 and up

Skill level: None required

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Jeep Gladiator Rental

Jeep Rentals

Hop on miles of all-terrain routes throughout Zion National Park, and take in some rare vistas where most vehicles only dream to go. These brand new vehicles have everything you'll need to explore in comfort, safety and style. Whether you're headed to the National Parks for the day or want to explore a little more off road, ROAM Jeeps are your ticket to adventure.

Cost: Rentals starting at $299

Passenger Limit: 5 people

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The Great Chamber ATV Tour

The Great Chamber ATV Tour 2023

Embark on an outdoor adventure with an adrenaline pumping ATV ride to one of the most must see gems. A colossal 200 foot tall hidden cove and massive sandhill shaped by desert winds over thousands of years. Plan for a short .25 hike with an uphill sandy ascent into the entrance. If the hike doesn't leave you breathless then the stunning views and epic scale of this natural wonder.

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Tour type: Guided ATV

Group Sizes: 1-24

Ages: 1-100

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Zion Backcountry Slot Canyon UTV Tour

Zion Backcountry UTV Tour 2023

Thrilling ATV adventure begins in a private canyon where you will be instantly immersed in the majesty of the red rocks and rich history of the region as you set out to one of nature's most incredible pathways through rock: Peekaboo Slot Canyon.

Safely outfitted with helmets and water you’ll be ready to ride with a professional guide at the wheel as they take you through Kanab’s own Zion Backcountry trails complete with breathtaking views of the Grand Staircase. If driving is more your thing, no problem. Just ask your guide and they’ll accommodate!

Duration: 2 hours

Tour type: Guided ATV

Group Sizes: 1-24

Ages: 1-100

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