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Zion National Park Top Fly Fishing Spots

East Zion Fly Fishing Tour
East Zion Fly Fishing Tour

Fishing is a very popular sport amongst outdoorsmen and women. Most types of fishing are not very physically demanding, that’s why fishing is also a sport that is enjoyed by many people, young and old. When fishing, some opt to eat their catch and others opt to catch and release, because they are solely fishing for the sport. Fishing near and in Zion National Park is an immensely enjoyable experience. Whenever fishing, be sure to check and follow any guidelines and laws that apply. Fly fishing is one of the types of fishing that is much more involved, and physically demanding.

Zion National Park, and the surrounding areas have many different bodies of water. If the fish are not biting in the area that you’re in, you can move to another spot to try your luck. The area where you are fishing will give you an indicator of what technique you should use, and what type of fish that you’ll be fishing for. The type of line that you’re using , and any other decision that you make while fishing, will come down to what type of fish you’re trying to catch.

Fly Fishing in Zion National Park

You will be mesmerized by places like The Virgin River, Kolob Reservoir, Sand Hallow Reservoir, Lake Powell, Mammoth Creek, Panguitch Lake, Pine Lake, Yankee Meadows, Navajo Lake, Otter Creek Reservoir, Duck Creek Pond, and Aspen Mirror. Any season is great for fishing in Zion National Park.

You will set your sights on an abundance of native and non- native species of fish. The most common and popular types of fish caught are different types of trout. Brook Trout, Tiger Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, are the most common species of trout. You might also spot Native Fish like Desert Sucker, Flannel Mouth Sucker, Speckled Dace, and Virgin River Spinedace. Most Fishermen's hopes are to catch fish like small panfish.

The technique that you use to fly fish is like a well designed dance routine. In Fly fishing, a fake fly, called a lure, is used to sail through the air on a special fly fishing pole and lightly dropped onto the surface of the water. You repeat this process regularly until a fish bites as the fly lands. This is a great technique for catching surface feeding fish. This technique is used for top feeders, and is most efficient when used in fast moving water. Most fly fishermen wade into the stream and attempt this technique from there. In this instance, you will need supplies such as a fishing vest and waterproof waders. The only thing that you will need to learn is how to be skillful at casting. No worries. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

In between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks lies a river with gentle flowing curves and lush banks, blending beauty and isolation for the complete pristine fishing experience

​Upon arrival you'll be fitted with everything you will need to be successful on the river including a fly rod, flies, and waders. Our expert guide will also discuss strategy, technique and tips to make sure you have every chance of catching the big one! With years of experience guiding, our guides will make sure you are both comfortable and confident on the river and will give you either the help - or the space - that you need.

Zion's Best Fly Fishing Tour

Whether it is your first time fly fishing or you're a fly fishing fanatic, a day on this picturesque river with our expertly trained guide is an experience you won't soon forget!

Asay Creek is a winding river that flows from Alton to Bryce on the East side of Zion National Park and north of the Grand Canyon. Located near Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Duration: 4-5 Hours

Group Sizes: Up to 4

Ages: 8 and up

Skill level: None required

What to bring: Wear good water shoes. Pants are preferable. Bug repellent and water.

What we provide: Fly rod, flies, and waders

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