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23 Photo Hot Spots in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Kanab (2023)

Utah has some of the most photograph worthy places in the United States. Anywhere on in this list is a good place to take pictures in the Kanab and Zion National Park area. With the right lighting and angles, you can snap a photo of beautiful areas surrounding you. There are majestic views, a never-ending range of textures, an array of plant-life, and 68 species of mammals. You will find the most amazing subjects for photography. You can also be the subject and use these areas as a breathtaking background. No matter the reason, you’ll find the most amazing places to take Instagram worthy pics.

There is no shortage of places for you to visit in order to capture breathtaking images. Those places include The Caves at Kanab, Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon, Nature Trail Loop, Red Caves (Sand Wash), The Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite, Red Hollow Slot Canyon, The East Rim Trail at Zion, Water Canyon Trail in the Canaan Mountain Wilderness, Keyhole Canyon, The Many Pools Trailhead, The Canyon Overlook Trail, The East Temple Saddle Loop, Pine Creek Canyon, Birch Hollow, The Buckskin Mountain Passage, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Lake Powell, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, The Wave, White Pocket, Buckskin Gulch, The Great Chamber, Belly of the Dragon, Moqui Cave, Toadstool Hoodoos, and The Little Hollywood Museum and Trading Post. There are five national parks in Utah, and three are a short distance away from Kanab.

I. Best Photography Places in Kanab, Utah

II. Best Photo Locations in Zion National Park

III. Best Photo Spots in Bryce Canyon National Park


Best Photo Locations In Kanab

Cobra Arch Photo Spot

Cobra Arch

Paria Canyon’s stunning Cobra Arch is located in the Paria Canyon Wilderness just north of Buckskin Gulch. The structure has a unique shape that is a height of 30’ from the ground and has a span of 35’. The name speaks for itself as it has a hood at the crest of the rock formation and serpent-like striations down the length of the arch. As you head to the location you will also experience a beautiful display of cross bedded sandstone and a scattering of perilously stacked rocks.

The Nautilus Photography Location

The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a hidden gem. It is a beautiful piece of nature, formed from water rushing through soft sandstone for thousands of years. The Nautilus is a fragile rock formation that has a unique shape. It is a smooth sided, thin layered rock with a rippled texture, which curves and looks shell like. You can take the wash all of the way to Toadstools trailhead, which spans about 3 miles each way.

Buckskin Gulch / Paria Canyon

Buckskin Gulch / Paria Canyon

The stunning beauty of Buckskin Gulch is located in The Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. You will experience one of the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world. There are spectacular sandstone walls that resemble waves that travel 13 miles upwards. Canyon walls often soar many feet above the wash and are sometimes only a few feet apart. Pay attention to flash food warnings as they are important.

Old Paria Townsite Photo

Old Paria Townsite

The Old Town of Paria was a small western outpost inhabited in the 1920’s. It was abandoned and turned into a ghost town. This site has the most incredible views, that include a majestic mountain range of a beautiful array of colors. The scenery attracted the movie industry. Many Western films were filmed at this site including Clint Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Wire Pass Slot Canyon Photo

Wire Pass Slot Canyon

Wire pass is a short drainage that joins Buckskin Gulch slot canyon. Wire pass permits an entrance point for visitors to bypass the upper four miles of the shallow gulch. The sun illuminates sandstone walls that have extensive curving which can sometimes touch the canyon floor and produce reflective effects. You will capture beautiful photographs, although different from the gulch.

Edmaiers Secret Pictures

Edmaiers Secret

Edmaiers Secret is located just east of Buckskin Gulch, between the Gulch and the Paria River. Here you will find sandstone domes, hoodoos, brain rock, and lace rock and fins. There are two routes into Edmaiers Secret. Park at the Trailhead and to Buckskin Gulch and hike two miles downstream to the wide sandy wash entrance on the left and BG to the right. The second route is through Long Valley Road also known as Long Canyon Road. This route is no longer recommended due to the closure of BLM road closures. Edmaiers Secret is better photographed later in the day as the sun will not hit parts until several hours after sunrise.

High Heel Arch Picture Taking

High Heel Arch

The photogenic High Heel Arch is a part of the multi-foot High Heel Arch that collapsed in previous years. The arch is located in the NorthCoyote Butts area.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Pictures

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park opened to the public in 1963 and is located near the town of Kanab, southeast of Zion National Park. The park is a beautiful scenic area of dunes of warm pink sand. The dunes were formed by the continuous erosion of Navajo sandstone cliffs, which are said to be 10,000 to 15,000 years old. You can create your own adventure by leaving your footprints in the sand or visit ponderosa and pinion pines, as well as old juniper trees. The park is open year-round, seven days a w