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Zion Via Ferrata & Thrill Outdoor Course

Zion Via Ferrata Course

Via Ferratas have become popular in the US in recent years. Via Ferratas were first associated with the First World War. There were several built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy to aid in the movement of troops.The European Alps currently have over 1000 via ferratas. Majority in Austria and Italy.The traditional association of via ferratas are in limestone regions, particularly in the Northern Limestone Alps and the Dolomites.

Via Ferratas, a more approachable, protected style of rock climbing first used by military troops to safely traverse and transport materials through the Dolomites during World War I. Via ferrata means “iron way” or “iron path” in Italian, a nod to the sturdy iron rungs, ladders, and cables anchored into the rock face to simplify mountaineering.

The great thing about via ferratas is that you will be able to participate in this activity if you're a first-timer or an experienced climber. You will have an added sense of safety when climbing as you will be attached by a harness, which allows you to attach yourself to the metal fixtures, which prevents a fall. The cable and other fixtures, such as iron rungs-stemples, pegs, carved steps, ladders, and bridges provide handholds and footings. This allows an individual to climb routes that would otherwise be considered dangerous without the risks of unprotected climbing and scrambling or the need for technical climbing equipment.

Zion National Park Thrill Adventure Tour

Via Ferratas provides an opening for access to difficult peaks as alternatives to mountaineering and rock climbing, which require more specialized equipment and higher skills. Via Ferratas vary in length from short routes that can take less than an hour to longer routes that are more demanding routes such as alpine routes that cover significant altitude (1,000 metres 3,000 ft) or more of ascent) and distance which can take 8 hours or more to complete. In areas like Brenta Dolomites via ferratas can be linked together and you can stay overnight in mountain refuges. In these areas you will climb for multiple days at high altitudes. It is customary for you to ascend via ferratas, but it is possible for you to descend them as well.

Group on Zion National Park Via Ferrata

10 Reasons to go on a Via Ferrata Adventure Tour

  • You love the mountains, but you’re not ready to rock climb.

  • You want more adventure than a regular hike.

  • You wear safety equipment, including a harness and are attached to a fixed cable.

  • You’re not an experienced climber.

  • Protected climbing experience.

  • You’ll work with an experienced tour guide.

  • You will receive the thrill of rock climbing led by expert mountaineers.

  • You will experience a sense of accomplishment after finishing a via ferrata.

  • You don’t have to worry about special equipment, as it's provided.

  • You will experience what climbers experience without going through the learning curve of how to climb and how to work with ropes and technical gear.

If you can climb a ladder, you can enjoy a Via Ferrata. You will also enjoy the most beautiful views, and an energizing burst of adrenaline that will have your heart rate pumping. Participating in a Via Ferrata provides you with an unforgettable experience as you rappel off the very cliff you just ascended. Via Ferratas offers a new sensation that can only be fully appreciated by experiencing. Contact Roam to book your unforgettable adventure today.


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