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Zion National Park Best Horseback Riding Tour

Guided Horseback Riding Tour Near Zion National Park

Riding a horse along beautiful trails is a great way to tour the natural wonderland of Zion National Park. Which is fitting, as Zion also means wonderland.

Fun Zion Horseback Riding Tour
Fun Zion Horseback Riding Tour

The horse will do the work of carrying you into the scenic areas. While horseback riding, you will be whisked into beauty and away from the crowds. Before there were National Parks and cities, the west was home to the wild. It was a picture of native beauty.

Horseback Tour guide performing trick on horse

The West was a place where Cowboys explored and were in awe of the boundless unsettled terrain. They rode by horseback, so they took only their most prized possessions. They moved herds of cattle, and traveled all day and night. During your horseback riding adventure, there won’t be gunslingers and saloons, but you will be able to explore the areas near Zion National Park that Cowboys roamed. You will set your eyes on western settings, experiencing the West as the cowboys did during the Wild West. Bring out your true pioneer spirit.

Horseback Riding Near Zion National Park

Kids and Parents Taking Horseback Ride Tour

Zion National Park horseback riding is a wonderful experience for all ages, young and old. It is also an activity for people of all interests. Horseback riding is not physically demanding, so it is considered low impact. It is the perfect activity for anyone. You will get an up close and personal view of the beautiful Zion National Park landscape. Seeing it on horseback is a magical experience. You will experience wildlife that you may not experience as close on foot. When on horseback, you don’t spook wildlife as much as you would on foot.

Colorful Desert Landscape while riding horseback

The Zion and Cave Lakes area has a wide range of terrain. During your horseback riding experience, you will see a combination of colorful desert scenery, alpine forest, and narrow canyons.

Zion National Park Fun family horseback tour

You may also discover hidden gems like ponds made from natural springs, hidden cave lakes, seeping red rock walls, original markings from early explorers, and an unforgettable cinematic grassy meadow. Don’t forget about the colossal cream, pink, and red cliffs that connect your eyes to the brilliant blue sky. This experience will take your breath away.

Zion horseback riding lady

Southern Utah is full of activities that you can enjoy year-round. The canyon is truly a phenomenon! It features a 150-acre canyon floor bordered with 200 foot red sandstone walls. One hundred and ten (110) springs are running along its path, forming a multitude of caves, some of them featuring lakes.


How much is a Horseback Riding Tour in Zion National Park?

Zion Horseback Ride Tours range from $79 - $99. Contact us today to book your next adventure.

How old do you have to be for a Horseback Tour in Zion?

The age range for Roam Horseback Riding Tours are 8 -100. Most families opt to participate in Horseback Tours from the age 8 and up.

Is there a weight limit on the Horseback Tour?

Yes, there is 220 lbs weight limit for the horse's safety.

What should I bring on the Horseback Riding Tour?

We encourage you to wear good shoes and wear pants for a more comfortable ride.

What is the best place for Horseback Riding in Zion?

The best tour for horseback riding in Zion is ROAM Outdoor Adventure Co. ROAM was founded by locals who grew up in the area. The founders know and love the area, have a passion for horseback tours and adventures, and want to share their vast knowledge and experience with you. ROAM horse ride tour guides will keep you safe, and also offer you a great adventure that will ignite your physical, emotional, and psychological senses. Call us to book your horseback riding adventure with ROAM!


Best Horseback Riding Tour Near Zion National Park

Horseback Riding Near Me

Saddle up for a relaxing horseback ride near Kanab through the exclusive and breathtaking Cave Lakes Canyon. Horseback rides through green pastures amid 100 ft tall red sandstone walls towering on either side. Explore hidden lakes and lush meadows for a serene horse trail riding experience in one of Kanab's most coveted canyon destinations. The best canyon horseback trail rides in Zion, Bryce Canyon and Kanab.

Cave Lakes Canyon length is 2.5 miles curving into a low plateau between Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon.

​Duration: 1.5 Hour

Group Sizes: 10

Ages: 8 and up

5 star ratings on Trip Advisor and Google

And winner of the 2022 Travelers' Choice Award

Friends taking a horseback riding tour near Zion


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