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Best ATV Trails Near Zion National Park

ATV Day Tour Ride In Zion National Park
Zion National Park ATV Tours

Zion National Park is one of the most adventurous and exciting parks in the United States. The park is a fragile landscape where you will see beautiful red rock formations, the Virgin River, and a wide array of desert animals and plants. Mormon pioneers settled in the area and named it Zion which means “promised land or a place of safety and refuge”. You feel like you’re in a sanctuary within the desert. Peace and solitude is what you will experience within the canyon walls.

Best ATV and Jeep Trails Near Zion National Park

Red Canyon (Peek-a-boo Canyon)

In Red Canyon , red sandstones will grab your attention as you enter the Canyon. This is not what you expect to see in a National Forest. In Red Canyon the numerous red hoodoos line the road instead of filling an amphitheater. Red Canyon is a section of Utah's Dixie National Forest located along Scenic Byway 12, just 13 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park. It requires you to pass through this hoodoo laden section of the forest to get to Bryce Canyon from the west.

Read Canyon

Casto Canyon Trail

Casto Canyon is like a miniature Bryce Canyon. Spires of orange rock rise above you on the canyon walls, among pine and cedar. All except for 2 miles of fairly technical singletrack, the trail is an ATV path that's easy to ride. The orange rocks on the walls of Casto Canyon (and of Bryce Canyon) are formed of Claron-formation limestone. This limestone was deposited at the bottom of a large fresh-water lake about 40 million years ago, before the plateau area was lifted up above the valleys of the Great Basin.

Casto Canyon Trail

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Located in Southern Utah, not far from the main destinations of the Southwest, are the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes are tall, stunning, coral-colored sand dunes that are especially breathtaking at sunrise and sunset. The pink sand that makes this place unique is due to the erosion of the sandstone by the wind, which has been blowing between the Moquith and Moccasin Mountains for almost 15,000 years, detaching grains of sand from the sandstone rocks and depositing them in this valley.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Barracks Trail

The Barracks Trail is a 19.7 mile point-to-point trail located near Kanab, Utah that features a river and is rated as moderate. The Barracks trail is the perfect way to spend a day going across the lower sandy trails north of the Coral Pink Sand Dune area. The trail will take you along the White Cliffs and is made up mostly of sand, trees, and river crossings. The trail will cross the Virgin river over 20 times. The northern portion is a fun trail through a beautiful canyon.

Barracks Trail

Elephant Butte Trail

Elephant Butte is the highest point within Arches National Park—at 5653 feet above sea level—rising over 600 feet above the road. Elephant Butte is a popular climbing destination, and is considered an easy climb as far as technical routes go. The butte itself is a collection of sandstone fins, arches and sandy valleys. The route to the top feels more like a maze than a climbing route.

Elephant Butte Trail


What are the best places for 4wd, atv & jeep off-road tours in Kanab?

The best place for 4wd, atv tours & jeep off-road rentals in Kanab is ROAM Outdoor Adventure Co. ROAM was founded by locals who grew up in the area. The founders know and love this area, have a passion for tours and adventures, and want to share their vast knowledge and experience with you. ROAM tour guides will keep you safe, and also offer you a great adventure that will ignite your physical, emotional, and psychological senses. Call us to book your adventure with ROAM!

How much is an ATV Tour in Kanab, Utah?

ATV Tours in Kanab range from $299 - $599. Contact us today to book your next adventure.

How old do you have to be for an ATV Tour in Kanab?

The age range for Roam ATV Tours is 1-100. Most families opt to participate in ATV Tours from the age 5 and up.

Which experiences are best for 4wd, atv & Jeep rental off-road tours in Kanab?

These experiences are best for 4wd, atv & off-road tours in Kanab:

Top ATV Tours Near Zion National Park

Peek a Boo ATV Tour Group

Our most popular ATV tour! Take an adrenaline pumping ATV adventure ride through sand dunes to one of the most beautiful and legendary slot canyons in the area! Wind your way on foot where our expert guides will take you on a breathtaking hike to explore ancient sandstone walls over 100ft high! Slot canyons are narrow gorges in soft rocks. Peek-A-Boo is located in the dry fork area of the Grand Staircase-National Monument area. Peek-A-Boo is a slot and corkscrew canyon. Explore Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon ATV Tours.

Explore Great Chamber ATV Tour in Kanab

Embark on an adrenaline ATV ride to one of the most must see gems of Kanab. A colossal 200-foot-tall hidden cove and massive sandhill shaped by desert winds over thousands of years. Plan for a short .25 hike with an uphill sandy ascent into the entrance. If the hike doesn't leave you breathless then the stunning views and epic scale of this natural wonder. Truly a photographer’s paradise! Explore The Great Chamber ATV Tours.

White Wave ATV Tour

Take a fun UTV adventure ride over to The White Wave, a vast petrified sand dune where you can discover ancient petroglyphs.

Get the best of both worlds in one thrilling ATV adventure guided tour! Start the day with a fun adrenaline ride to the Great Chamber where, after relaxing in the epic 200 ft cove you'll then zip over the sand dunes to Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon. Explore "The Combo" Peek-A-Boo & Great Chamber ATV Tours

The Half Dayer, Peek a boo, The Great Chamber and Hoodos ATV Tour

Our longest ATV tour! First taking you to the legendary Peek-a-boo Slot canyon, then to The Great Chamber, and ending at the scenic Hoodoos. Sure, it will be an adventure packed day! Explore The Half Day'er ATV Tour.


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