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Why Peekaboo Slot Canyon Is Iconic?

Iconic Peekaboo Slot Canyon Tour
Iconic Peekaboo Slot Canyon Tour

How Peekaboo Slot Canyon Was Formed

A slot canyon is described as a long narrow drainage way or channel eroded into sandstone or other sedimentary rock with tall, sheer rock walls. These walls often reach higher than 100 feet. In Utah, you will find the most slot canyons in the world. Utah has approximately 1000 in the southernmost part of the state. Slot canyons are subject to flash flooding and can measure less than 3 feet across the top, but drop more than 100 feet to the floor of the canyon. Thousands of years, flash flooding, and the flow of water through the narrow sandstone created the Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyons.

History of First People In Peekaboo Slot Canyon

In the canyon you can set your sights on a stairway that was carved by Ancestral Puebloans about 800 -1,000 years ago. Ancestral Puebloans, also known as Anasazi are prehistoric Native Americans that lived in the Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon region from around AD 100 to AD 1600. They were known as the basketmakers due to their skills in basketry. Ancestral Puebloans were also known for cliff dwelling. There is still evidence of the built in sheltered recesses in the faces of the cliffs today. Ancestral Puebloans vacated their communities around AD 1300 likely due to environmental factors such as drought.

The lineage of the Anasazi were comprised of the Pueblo tribes, which include the Acoma, Hopi, Laguna, and Zuni contemporary civilization. Pueblo people farmed and were hostile along with other nomads. This is where the term Anasazi was developed. Anasazi is a Navajo term that means “ancestors of the enemy”. This name was the scientific name once given for the group. The anasazi was bordered in the general areas of what is now known as the United States Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

 Peekaboo Slot Canyon Tour with tourist sitting - Roam Adventure Co.

There were six periods of Ancestral Puebloan pre-history.

  • Late Basketmaker II- AD 100-500

  • Basketmaker III- AD 500-750

  • Pueblo I- AD 750-950

  • Pueblo II-AD 950-1150

  • Pueblo III-AD 1150-1300

  • Pueblo IV-AD 1300-1600

You will get to experience some of this history when you visit Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon for your ATV adventure!

Peek-A-Boo is a smaller version of Antelope Canyon located a few miles North of Kanab and is also known as Red Canyon. When looking for it on a map it will most likely say Red Canyon. The canyon has breathtaking orange, brown, and red hued fluted navajo sandstone walls that make for a beautiful backdrop and memorable photos. The beautiful canyon has unique marbling that varies in hue.The canyon is 0.7 miles round trip and has ancient Moqui steps that ascend the canyon walls and logs among the wall above you.

The Peek-A-Boo area has low humidity and a high desert climate. There is usually not much rain, but you can not pass on the sand-like dirt road if it’s wet. Be sure to check the weather before attempting to visit any area slot canyon because they’re prone to flooding. A huge bonus is that Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon is less crowded than some of the other canyons, but you won’t miss out on the uniqueness and beauty

Thrill ATV Tours At Peekaboo Slot Canyon

peekaboo slot canyon

There are no climbing or rappelling skills needed at Peek-A-Boo slot canyon, which is different from other slot canyons. You will be thrilled to ride a 4-wheel vehicle on the roads made of soft, deep sand, where you will get to experience some of the most beautiful desert landscape that you’ve ever seen. The landscape consists of cacti, junipers, yucca, and pinions. It takes about fifteen minutes to get through the four miles to red canyon trail head by 4x4, ATV. or UTV on the road 102 northwards. There is no permit required. Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon is not to be confused with the Peek-A-Boo slot canyon in the Escalante area. These are two different areas that are far apart from one another. This is Peek-A-Boo slot canyon in the Kanab area.

One adventure that you definitely want to partake in is a Peek-A-Boo slot canyon ATV Tour. As you navigate the sandy roads you will experience spectacular views of one of the area favorites, Peek-A-Boo slot canyon. A guided tour is highly recommended as an experienced guide will easily lead you through the tour as the canyon is not well marked. It will be easier in an ATV, but there are several modes of transportation to choose from. In a 4WD you can get stuck in the deep sand if you are not familiar with the canyon. Bring your sunglasses, face gaiter, camera, hiking shoes, and snacks, and we’ll provide a helmet, water, and of course, the fun!

It can be fun, exciting, and thrilling to go on an all terrain ATV adventure. Especially in a place like Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon. Although ATV’s are fun, it is important to make sure that you have a safe experience when riding. If it is your first experience riding an ATV, there are things that you need to take into consideration. Make sure that you have the correct safety gear. On our tours we provide helmets and water. Don’t try tricks on an ATV if you are still familiarizing yourself with it. It is best to not attempt a wheelie when you’re not familiar with an ATV. Safely practice picking up speed, taking turns properly, and shifting gears. You want to do this in a safe, open space. It is best to check local laws before riding an ATV, but don’t worry we take out the guesswork for you.

Some benefits of riding an ATV are:

  • Riding is good exercise

  • Learning a new skill

  • Master riding an ATV in multiple terrains

  • Helps you maintain proper balance

  • Provides bonding time for you, your friends and family

  • Provides much needed outdoor adventure discovery time

  • Stress reliever

  • Build endurance

  • Increased oxygen and blood circulation

  • Vitamin D increases with sunshine

There was a research study conducted by York University, Faculty of Health that discovered numerous health benefits. According to the study, researchers found that a two-hour ATV ride can provide similar benefits as other activities like skiing, climbing, swimming, and jogging. Riding an ATV, even once a week can help to enhance muscular and skeletal fitness. You can also increase the secretion of endorphins. ATVing will definitely leave you in a great mood. You also reach optimum levels of the use of leg and arm muscles. You will enhance endurance and increase stamina. No matter the reason you decide to go on an outdoor ATV adventure, you are sure to benefit in more ways than one.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon's Best ATV Tours



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