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#1 Rated Duck Creek ATV Tour Adventures

ATV Day Tour Ride In Zion National Park
Duck Creek ATV Tours

Duck Creek Village is located at the edge of a large mountain meadow located within the Dixie National Forest, in Southwest Utah. Duck Creek lies among red rock canyons and forested plateaus between Cedar Breaks National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park. Duck Creek Village is at an elevation of 8,400. Duck Creek’s central location is a perfect place for a broad range of fun activities in every season. Duck Creek is fastly becoming a destination with some of the best terrain, trails anywhere in America’s Southwest. A popular activity around Duck Creek Village is ATV riding.

The landscape around Duck Creek is mesmerizing. Surroundings include red rock cliffs, mountain meadows, rolling hills, deep canyons, lava rock fields, and rock spires. There is also a vast selection of trees such as fir, pine, aspen, and spruce trees. The landscape in the Spring and Summer Seasons will include beautiful wildflowers. In the Fall you will experience stunning brightly colored leaves that will leave you breathless. Winter brings snow that covers the trees and ground. You will be surrounded by a Winter Wonderland. Duck Creek has lots of wildlife. Some of the animals that you will spot are prairie dogs, golden eagles, cougars, blue grouse, antelope, bobcats, wild turkeys, and foxes.

Highly Rated ATV Trails in Duck Creek

The Markagunt Trail System

The Markagunt Trail System has seven interconnecting loops that roll out about 500 miles of trails. Each loop has an assigned number. Each trail within that loop dawns the number as the first digit of its trail number. When you are riding the trail the numbers serve as markers that indicate where you’re located in the trail system. The 50 trails in the system have designations from easiest to most difficult. It’s set up so that you can choose the trail that is best for you.

Tommy Creek Loop

Take Tommy Creek Loop, No. 4 to visit Mammoth Cave. The cave is a quarter-mile-long, and has multiple entrances, which includes one that you can crawl through on your belly, and 2,200 feet of lava tubes in its four chambers. You can reach the cave by riding the easiest trail, No. 46 from June until October. To reach Mammoth Springs, take Trail No. 41. Mammoth Springs cascades water at a rate of 314cfs, more than any other spring in Utah.

Strawberry Loop

Just South of Duck Creek, the Strawberry Loop has nine trails that begin with the No. 5. Most of the trails rate easiest, with some rated as most difficult. Along the main trail No.5, you can visit ice caves, just behind the Duck Creek Visitor Center. The small, one -chambered cave has icicles and snow inside year -round. If you are looking for something more challenging take on the Zion View Connector , No. 57. You will find a panoramic view of the distant national park. This is one of the more difficult trails, but the view is most rewarding.

Markagunt Plateau Loop

The Markagunt Plateau Loop, No.1 runs through mountain meadows and mixed conifer forests that have an elevation that is over 7,000 feet. Beginner riders will find the Red Desert Loop enjoyable. It runs 11 miles over a combo double-track trail and maintained dirt road. This loop passes through groves of aspen and is an ideal place to view autumn foliage in late September and early October. Most of the trails in this loop are rated "easiest," with the exception of small sections around Duck Creek and Yankee Meadow.

Best ATV Tours Near Duck Creek

Thrill ATV Tours in Zion National Park

Our most popular ATV tour! Take an adrenaline pumping ATV adventure ride through sand dunes to one of the most beautiful and legendary slot canyons in the area! Wind your way on foot where our expert guides will take you on a breathtaking hike to explore ancient sandstone walls over 100ft high! Slot canyons are narrow gorges in soft rocks. Peek-A-Boo is located in the dry fork area of the Grand Staircase-National Monument area. Peek-A-Boo is a slot and corkscrew canyon. Explore Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon ATV Tours.

Great Chamber ATV Tour in Kanab

Embark on an adrenaline ATV ride to one of the most must see gems of Kanab. A colossal 200-foot-tall hidden cove and massive sandhill shaped by desert winds over thousands of years. Plan for a short .25 hike with an uphill sandy ascent into the entrance. If the hike doesn't leave you breathless then the stunning views and epic scale of this natural wonder. Truly a photographer’s paradise! Explore The Great Chamber ATV Tours.

White Wave ATV Tour

Take a fun UTV adventure ride over to The White Wave, a vast petrified sand dune where you can discover ancient petroglyphs.

Get the best of both worlds in one thrilling ATV adventure guided tour! Start the day with a fun adrenaline ride to the Great Chamber where, after relaxing in the epic 200 ft cove you'll then zip over the sand dunes to Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon. Explore "The Combo" Peek-A-Boo & Great Chamber ATV Tours

Thrill ATV Tour and Hiking

Our longest ATV tour! First taking you to the legendary Peek-a-boo Slot canyon, then to The Great Chamber, and ending at the scenic Hoodoos. Sure, it will be an adventure packed day! Explore The Half Day'er ATV Tour.


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