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White Pocket
hiking DAY Tour

*No permit required

Many people try for The Wave hiking lottery and never draw out. Which is why we call this hiking tour the "Better than the Wave" Hiking tour. Located in the same area, South Coyote Buttes, White Pocket boasts the same Alien desert landscape with geological formations that are other worldly. And the best part? THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE A PERMIT. Come see the vast color striations, twists, and formations - Rivaling the Wave in size, variety, and complexity making this one of the most photogenic stops in the Southwest. Lunch is provided

Duration:  8 hours

Tour type: Guided

Group Sizes: 10

Ages: All ages

Permit required: No

What to bring: Hiking shoes, no less than 2 liters of water, snacks

What's provided: Transportation and waters


Six miles southeast of The Wave and Coyote Buttes is White Pocket. White Pocket is a group of domes and ridges that cover one square mile, and are just below a larger mesa lined by similar rocks. White Pocket consists of sandy plains that are sparsely covered in small trees and bushes. Rocks in other area formations are red in color, but there is a distinct difference in White Pocket. White Pocket rocks are light gray and white in color. Although the colors are contrasting, the thin layered strata and swirling are similar. There are also similar layers of erosive features. 

On your White Pocket Hiking Tour you will experience a vast array of desert landscape, formations, and colorful striations. This tour is called the “Better than the Wave” Hiking Tour because you experience some of the same formations as The Wave Tour, but no permit is required. Your highly experienced and trained tour guide will take you on one of the most photographic tours in the southwest. It is rivalrous to The Wave Tour because of its complexity, variety, and size. You don’t want to miss this beauty. Lunch will be provided.



Kanab is close to the region’s prime destinations, including multiple national parks, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. This sparse sandstone landscape of Kanab is an exciting and adventurous place to find things to do, ranging from huge hikes in the longest and deepest slot canyons on the planet, to colossal vistas such as the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hiking was a new concept at the beginning of the 20th century. America was mostly rural until the mid-1800s. Most people lived near open fields and forests. Nature and walking were a part of daily life. A walk in the woods became a luxury for many people during the 19th century with the increase of industrialization. At the end of the 19th century hiking was recognized as a recreational activity.

Benefits of Hiking:

  • Hiking improves Balance

  • Hiking helps Build Muscle

  • Hiking eases stress and boosts mental well-being

  • Hiking allows you to unplug from technology

  • Hiking improves self-esteem

White Pocket Hiking Information


  • What is your refund policy?
    Full refund with within 48 hours of activity. 50% is refundable after that until the activity day. No refund given for a no-show or past 30 minutes late. $100 rescheduling fee within 24 hours.
  • Do you need canyoneering or rappelling experience to do the Via Ferrata or Canyoneering trip?
    NOPE! You don't need any canyoneering experience to do either of those adventures! The only thing you need is some grit and love for adventure!
  • The UTV's are guided, but can I still drive?"
    Yes! You just have to be over the age of 21 with a current drivers license. Just let your guide know you would like to drive and they will gladly accommodate!
  • What do you provide on an UTV tour?
    Water and coolers to keep your snacks / drinks cold! We also provide helmets and googles.
  • Do you do UTV rentals or just Guided UTV tours?
    We do not rent our UTVs. Our UTV experiences are guided which means a guide does come with you. Don't worry, they are excellent and knowledgeable about the area and also dub as your own personal photographers for the day! If you need a rental for the day checkout our Jeep Gladiators!
  • What do you provide on Hiking and Canyoneering tours?
    Transportation to the trail entrance and a yummy lunch will be provided. Water and coolers to keep your snacks / drinks cold!
  • What should we bring?
    ATV tours: Bring water, sunscreen, face gaitor / bandana for dust, and good hiking shoes. Each of our destinations requires a bit of hiking! Via Ferrata: Bring bug repellent for possible mosquitos in the canyon and if you'd like to climb with your phone to take photos, wear something with secure pockets or bring a carrying case that can stay close to your body. Horseback Rides: Bring bug repellent, sunscreen, long pants, and closed toed shoes. Hiking and Half day canyoneering: Bring good hiking shoes, a Hydration backpack for water or no less than 2 liters of water, and snacks. You do not want to bring a loose backpack that can potentially fall off your body while rappelling. And of course, remember to bring money to tip your guide if you love your experience!!
  • How do I obtain a permit for the wave hiking tour?
    A permit is required to hike the Wave. You must obtain a permit before contacting us. Click here to put in for a permit.
  • Are dogs allowed on your tours?
    Dogs are only allowed on the ATV tours
  • Is gratuity added or should I tip my guide?
    Yes please tip your guide! If you have a good time, please show them some love with a tip. They work hard and they work for tips! Most guides have venmo as well.

ROAM Outdoor Adventure Co. was founded by locals who know and love this area, who grew up exploring the red hills around Kanab and Southern Utah, and have a passion for tour adventures. Now we want to share these hidden treasures with you! 


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