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Great Hiking Areas Near Kanab, Utah

Hiking in Kanab

Mountaineering concerns reaching the top of a mountain. Canyoneering is all about getting to the bottom. Canyoneering is also known as Canyoning in Europe. Canyoneering is an adventure sport that got its origin from the need for transportation. American settlers and explorers voyaged across the early American deserts; they experienced a maze of canyons in the southwest. What resulted from this is methods of ascending and descending these canyons were created. Anchors and ropes were commonly used for first generation canyoneers.

The term Canyoneering was invented around the Zion National Park area. Zion National Park is a premier place to engage in this exhilarating activity. The Zion National Park region is filled with many slot canyons that have been carved by water and wind. The fluted masterpiece canyons are magnificent places to explore. Canyoneering is the exploration of our beautiful Earth from one point to another using techniques such as scrambling, sliding, hiking, rappelling and chimneying.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in a relatively remote area of southern Utah. It is often combined with one or more of the other five Utah national parks, particularly Zion. If you’re the kind of person that loves to explore narrow, dark, and convoluted spaces then Bryce Canyon Country is one of the best locations for slot canyon adventures. The most popular sites to visit in Bryce Canyon National Park are Bryce Amphitheater, the Rim Trail, Mossy Cave Trail, and Thor's Hammer

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a great place in South Utah for canyoneering in the towering sandstone cliffs and gorges of this amazing national park. More challenging trips will include hiking, rappelling, climbing over obstacles and squeezing through narrow passages. Canyoneering is a fun activity for families with children but beginners are advised to use the services of a guided tour company and start with a half-day trip. Explore our tour companies expert lead adventures. Bring your hiking shoes, pants, hydration pack, and snacks. We provide all other equipment and knowledgeable guides as part of our tour.

ATV Tour

Kanab. Utah

The town of Kanab Utah sits right in the southernmost location of Utah. Kanab is close to the region’s prime destinations, including multiple national parks, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. This sparse sandstone landscape of Kanab is an exciting and adventurous place to find things to do, ranging from huge hikes in the longest and deepest slot canyon on the planet, Buckskin Gulch, to colossal vistas such as the North Rim of the Grand Canyon


Canyoneering is one of the outdoor activities that people have taken a special interest in that have become popular. Examples of the exciting adventure of canyoneering are reverse climbing and scrambling with sliding, hiking with a harness, helmet, and rope systems. Canyoneering also involves swimming, rock climbing, bouldering, abseiling, and cliff jumping for more experienced canyoneers. Canyoneering is a lot of fun, but it is also testing, both mentally and physically. During canyoneering you will wake up muscles that never existed.

Benefits of Canyoneering:

  • Great stress reducer

  • Great for team building

  • You see and experience the Great Outdoors

  • Canyoneering is fun

  • Great form of exercise



Hiking was a new concept at the beginning of the 20th century. America was mostly rural until the mid-1800s. Most people lived near open fields and forests. Nature and walking were a part of daily life. A walk in the woods became a luxury for many people during the 19th century with the increase of industrialization. At the end of the 19th century hiking was recognized as a recreational activity.

Benefits of Hiking:

  • Hiking improves Balance

  • Hiking helps Build Muscle

  • Hiking eases stress and boosts mental well-being

  • Hiking allows you to unplug from technology

  • Hiking improves self-esteem

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